GitBook Contributions

Adding new content to the handbook (hosted on GitBook at is very straight forward.


The documentation works in two different ways:
  • Handbook which contains all the documentation regarding all the projects. You will find technical overview, architectural decisions, api, devops, code reviews, code standards detailed information and much more. If you need to edit an existing documentation or create a new page inside the handbook directory, you simply have to create a markdown file and start writing your content.
  • which are all the readmes from the apps and libs directories contained in the sub folders. The same goes for the Simply add your content using markdown. We only recommend one thing, is to use this template when you create a new app in the apps directory.

Root within handbook directory files from directories inside the handbook/ directory are used to create the navigation structure when running the yarn gitbook command.
You MUST create a with a H1 heading (example) — but apart from that, you may leave it empty and GitBook will automatically display the sub file structure.
You need to use relative paths based on the current file location, might need a couple of ../../../ before finding the file you want to link to.


We recommend adding an assets folder inside the directory where you need it. You can then access your assets from your markdown file by doing ./assets/my-image.png.


Once you are done with your changes, you will need to run the following command:
yarn gitbook
It will check for any new files created inside the handbook directory or new located inside the apps or libs directories and add it to the file, which is the file used by GitBook to create the navigation structure.
The script will also format the's title to follow the APA style convention. All files added the the will be alphabetically ordered and organised in folders/sub-folders for the apps and libs.
After your commit get merged into main, it will take a few minutes before your changes appears on
If you want to have a different title in the navigation than on the page itself, you can do so by adding a html comment like this to the top of your
<!-- gitbook-navigation: "Navigation Title" -->
For some reason, if you don't want your markdown file to be part of the file and included inside the GitBook, you can add the following html comment <!-- gitbook-ignore --> as the first line of the file.