Documentation Contributions

Adding new content to our documentation is very straight forward.


The documentation works in two different ways:

  • Handbook (hosted on GitBook at which contains all the documentation regarding all the projects. You will find technical overview, architectural decisions, API design guide, devops guide, code reviews guide, X-Road guide, code standards detailed information and much more. If you need to edit an existing documentation or create a new page inside the handbook, you simply go to and start writing your content and make a change request.

  • Technical developer guides which are all the READMEs from the apps and libs directories in our GitHub repository. If you need to edit or create new content follow our External Contributions guide and make the corresponding changes in the GitHub repository. We recommend using this template when you create a new app in the apps directory.

If you need access to GitBook head over to the #organizational_access_changes channel on Slack.

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