Generating a New Project

Generate a component

To generate a new React component in island-ui-core.

yarn generate @nx/react:component MyComponent --project=island-ui-core

Generate an application

To generate a simple React application:

yarn generate @nx/react:app my-app

To get a React application with server-side-rendering, we recommend using Next.JS:

yarn generate @nx/next:app my-app

To create a service, you can get started with NestJS like this:

yarn generate @nx/nest:app services/my-service

You might want to check out our reference NextJS and NestJS projects.

For NextJS projects, be sure to configure our custom NextJS server.

Generate a library

To generate a React library.

yarn generate @nx/react:lib my-lib --linter eslint

To create a NestJS module:

yarn generate @nx/nest:lib my-lib

To create a JS library that can be used both on the frontend and the backend:

yarn generate @nx/node:lib my-lib

Libraries are sharable across libraries and applications. They can be imported from

Applications and libraries can be structured in a hierarchy using subfolders:

yarn generate @nx/node:lib common/my-lib

# Imported from ''


Using the sequelize-cli we support version controlled migrations that keep track of changes to the database.

Generate a migrations

yarn nx run <project>:migrate/generate


yarn nx run <project>:migrate

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