Getting started

  • Request access to the mailbox (í. Pósthólfið). You can apply for access to the mailbox at island.is' application site https://island.is/postholf/stofnanir. The application has to include information about the institution that is applying as well as information about the guarantor (í. ábyrgðaraðili) and technical point of contact.

  • If the application is accepted, the technical point of contact will receive the following information:

    • ClientId / ClientSecret - To be able to use the Skjalatilkynning API

    • Audience

    • Scope

  • The applicant needs to implement an executable that delivers document references to the mailbox by calling Skjalatilkynning API. An example can be seen in the Keyrsla section in the following link: https://github.com/digitaliceland/postholf-demo

  • The applicant has to implement a callback service that returns a document when it's requested by the user. The service has to be implemented according to the Skjalaveita API interface. Example: https://github.com/digitaliceland/postholf-demo

  • Information must be sent to Stafrænt Ísland regarding where (url) to call the aforementioned service.


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