Island UI


This library is part of the Í design system and is a collection of guides, components and units to help you build new projects faster and easier.



The lib contains all the components that are reused across most of the projects. You can see the whole list by visiting the UI library with the links above.


Í is using IBM Plex Sans as font, it is uses on every project and shared here in the Island UI lib.


The Storybook is used to gather all the core components and create an interactive documentation to explore all of it.
You can start the storybook locally by running:
yarn start island-ui-storybook

Props issue

  • Some components needs to use import * as React from 'react' to be able to renders props, interfaces and types inside the storybook. It's a temporary solution when using the FC interface to be able to resolve the component' props and display them in the documentation.
  • Storybook uses by default react-docgen to generate props used by components for the documentation, see here. A PR has been open a long time ago to resolve imported interfaces and types but it hasn't been merged yet. At the moment, if an interface is imported from a deep-level file, it will show a any instead of the type.


This lib contains all the shared styles that apply to every Í projects.


This lib contains utils that are shared across multiple projects and related to the UI library.

Code owners and maintainers