Contentful Translation Extension

This is the Contentful extension responsible of translations for namespaces for your application. It works in pair with the localization library.


The following commands are handled using contentful's contentful-extension-scripts. It uses a custom tsconfig.json and not the shared one from the root project.
To be able to run the start command you will need to pass a managementToken. It's required to be able to run the extension in development through Contentful.
We host the extension by ourself using the docker-static image because it goes over the 512KB limit from Contentful.


Will start the local development server. You are then able to go to Contentful to see your changes.
yarn start contentful-translation-extension --token managementToken
Be careful, once you are running this command, it will replace the production's extension and only the local extension will be accessible. In short, others users trying to display the extension in their Contentful dashboard will get an error message.


Bundles the extension's files.
yarn build contentful-translation-extension


The extension's build script is bundling the files inside the NX dist folder under dist/contentful-translation-extension. The docker-static is deploying these files into a Docker image. We then add the production URL into Contentful to enable the UI extension.
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