Parent Slug

Contentful Parent Slug Extension

This is the Contentful extension that makes sure that parent-slug relationships are preserved through content changes. It recursively calls for slug updates on references that are using a parent-slug relationship.


This extension is hosted by Contentful as long as its compilation remains under 512 KB. After that point the extension will have to be hosted in a similar fashion to the translation extension.

Configuration and environment variables

You will need to configure your environment variables for Contentful. This can be done with yarn run login and then yarn run configure. Make sure you select the correct space and environment. You will need to have login access to Contentful to do this.

Deployment to Contentful

After having run yarn run configure you can deploy the extension with yarn run deploy. This will publish a new version on Contentful. Make sure the extension name matches the expected name in the affected content models.
Last modified 8d ago