Car Recycling - Skilavottorð


This app is for users to mark their car for recycling and getting info about where to leave the car.
Recycling companies that receives the physical car can login to deregister it.
The recycling fund can then see a list of recycled cars.


See role description further down.




Getting started


Please fetch environment secret variables using the yarn get-secrets skilavottord-ws command.
Additionally add the following environment variables to .env.secret in the project's root:
export NEXTAUTH_URL=http://localhost:4200/app/skilavottord/api/auth


To run locally:
yarn start skilavottord-web
Navigate to:


First, make sure you have docker.
Then from the root folder go to
cd apps/skilavottord/ws
and run
docker-compose up
Then run migrations and seed the database:
yarn nx run skilavottord-ws:migrate/undo
yarn nx run skilavottord-ws:migrate
yarn nx run skilavottord-ws:seed:all
To start the application locally run:
yarn start skilavottord-ws

GraphQL playground


Citizen frontend

This site shows a list of vehicles that a user owns. The user can mark their car for recycling and get information on where to leave the car. While the car is in the recycling process the page will show and update the status accordingly.

Company frontend

If users are registered as an employee of a recycling company, they can log in here to deregister vehicles that citizens have marked for recycling.

Fund frontend

If users are registered as an employee of Fjársýsla ríkisins, they can log in here to see a list of all vehicles that has completed the process of being deregistered and recycled.
This page also lists all available recycling companies.


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