User Profile


A service that is responsible for providing and storing User profile info. With the users National Registration id stores contact info and preferred locale. Additional responsibility is a verification process of email and mobile phone. The user-profile table is not prepopulated with everyone in Iceland, therefore due to multiple onboarding-flows the user-profile can be created under a variety of circumstances, you will see the findOrCreateUserProfile method a variety of places in this project's code.


Simply run these two commands:
yarn dev-init services-user-profile
yarn dev services-user-profile
They are a quick alias for running the commands below.

Initial setup

First, make sure you have docker, then run:
yarn dev-services services-user-profile
Then run the migrations:
yarn nx run services-user-profile:migrate
You can serve this service locally by running:
yarn start services-user-profile
Api open api specs will now be accessible at

Getting started

yarn start services-user-profile

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