Elasticsearch Search Dev Server


You must have docker and docker-compose installed and running on you machine. Docker must be given 4gb+ of ram

Start the server

yarn dev-services services-search-indexer
In about 30 seconds You should have Elasticsearch running on localhost:9200 And Kibana running on port localhost:5601

Import data

You must have access to Contentful for the indexer to work correctly To import map templates, create indice and import data run
yarn nx run services-search-indexer:build
yarn nx run services-search-indexer:migrate

Nice to know

Dictionaries for icelandic are pulled into the elastic docker container on build under analyzers/ The index template is not imported automagically so you must insert them manually...for now There is no unseen functionality here, these dockerfiles are not used in production, so if you add a plug to this docker file you must make sure it is also added to required deployments
Last modified 1yr ago