Financial Aid System for Samband Sveitarfélaga

This is the financial aid system created for Samband Sveitarfélaga by Kolibri.
The system is one api, one backend and two clients called Ósk and Veita.

Initial Setup

First, make sure you have docker, then run:
  • yarn dev-services financial-aid-backend
Run migrations and seed:
  • yarn nx run financial-aid-backend:migrate
  • yarn nx run financial-aid-backend:seed

Running locally

Run backend:
  • yarn start financial-aid-backend
Run api:
  • yarn start financial-aid-api
Run Ósk or Veita client:
  • yarn start financial-aid-web-osk
  • yarn start financial-aid-web-veita
Go to localhost:4200.

To test authentication locally

To sign in you'll need to configure these environment variables:
  • NEXTAUTH_URL=http://localhost:4200
  • IDENTITY_SERVER_SECRET= - get a client secret for the client.
You can sign in to Veita using Gervimaður Færeyjar (0102399).
If you need https, you can install
  • npm install -g local-ssl-proxy
  • change defaultcookie in financial-aid/api/src/app/modules/auth/auth.controller.ts:
    const defaultCookieOptions: CookieOptions = { secure: true, }
  • add .env to web project and change port to 4202
  • start project
  • local-ssl-proxy --source 4200 --target 4202

File upload locally

To test/develop file upload locally you will need to set the secrets: process.env.CLOUDFRONT_PUBLIC_KEY_ID and process.env.CLOUDFRONT_PRIVATE_KEY in your .env file.
Then you need to turn off web safety, we use the following command: open -n -a /Applications/Google\\ Chrome --args --user-data-dir="/tmp/chrome_dev_test" --disable-web-security, to turn web safety back on you need to restart Chrome.

How to connect to X-Road

To use national registry service you need to run:
and make sure the environment variables XROAD_BASE_PATH_WITH_ENV, XROAD_TJODSKRA_MEMBER_CODE, XROAD_TJODSKRA_API_PATH and XROAD_CLIENT_ID are available.

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