Application System


Ensure docker is running, then run the following when running for the first time:
yarn dev-init application-system-api
yarn dev-init application-system-form
depending on whether you're working on the API or an application form.
To start the app:
yarn dev application-system-api
yarn dev application-system-form
depending on whether you're working on the API or an application form.
These commands are just shorthands for the setup described below.


This project forms the base for all business applications belonging to



Initial setup

First, make sure you have docker, then run:
yarn dev-services application-system-api
Then run the migrations:
yarn nx run application-system-api:migrate

Running locally

You can serve this service locally by running:
yarn start application-system-api


Make sure you are serving the graphql client as well in order for you to make graphql calls to this service:
yarn start api

OpenApi and Swagger

When making changes to the module code, run
yarn nx schemas/build-openapi application-system-api
to generate the code needed for openapi and swagger. Then you can visit
In order to generate a typed fetch client run
yarn nx schemas/openapi-generator api-domains-application
In order to update the graphql schema as well, run
yarn nx schemas/build-graphql-schema api


This app contains the frontend app for the application system

Running locally

You can serve this app locally by running:
yarn start application-system-form
The only backend apps this app depends on are the graphql api and the application-system-api. Therefore, make sure you run those as well:
yarn start application-system-api
(see apps/application-system/api/ if you run into any problems here)
yarn start api

Adding a new template

After following the Reference Template, repeat the steps from OpenAPI and Swagger or run yarn install to update schemas.

Adding a payment step

If your application requires that the user pay a fee as part of the application process, that can be implemented by following the adding a payment step guide


It is as simple as:
yarn nx test application-system-form

Code owners and maintainers