Third Party's Development Manual

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    3.1. NestJS:
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    3.2. NetCore
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    3.4 Angular
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    3.5 React
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    3.6 Next.js
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    4.1 Angular:
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    4.2 React
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    4.3 NestJS:


This manual is written for customers of Digital Iceland's authentication system.
Customers of the authentication system are considered any third-party agent with an administrative authority over the web/system of the appropriate institutions (owners, authorized signatories) and the technical teams of the appropriate institutions (programmers, service- and hosting providers).


The authentication system uses OpenID Connect provider which implements OpenID and OAuth 2.0 protocols.
For further information about the OAuth 2.0 standards follow this link:


Following are some sample projects implemented to show third-party developers how to connect to the authentication system in various languages and platforms. An overview of all the sample projects can also be seen in this repository: All the sample projects talk to the sandbox for the authentication system. All the projects are setup so that to change the connection from the sandbox to the real authentication system you only need to change environment variables.

Info links

More information about how to connect with the authentication system in each developing environment can be found following these links:
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