[DEPRECATED] Gjafakort

This project should be considered as deprecated and should only be updated with bugfixes.


Registers a user as a participant in Ferðagjöf by creating a gift in the Yay system.

The webpage supports the same functionality as the Ferðagjöf app. Like using the gift and giving another user your gift.


Next start the api and web with:


Start all services related to the web application with:

make services


make api


Visit http://localhost:4200/ to view the application.

make web

User Frontend

The user frontend has information about the initiative, legal terms, a way for users to register for Ferðagjöf and use their Ferðagjöf.


Company Frontend

The company frontend has information about the initiative, legal terms, a way for companies to register to take part in Ferðagjöf.

By registering they will be created in Ferðamálastofnun and Yay.



  • Ferðamálastofnun: To register companies in their database, their website is the main place to view what companies are a part of Ferðagjöf.

  • Yay: To manage gifts. The Yay system has a way to distribute gifts to users and a backend for companies to use those gifts.

  • Skatturinn: To get basic information about companies and verify that they are eligible to take part in Ferðagjöf.

  • Nova: To send SMS in order to confirm phone numbers.


This project had a very short timeline and will be thrown out eventually. There were a lot of shortcuts taken as this was the first project developed and not much infrastructure ready to use.

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